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The Zoological Lighting Institute maintains a mission to support photobiology research for animal husbandry and wildlife conservation purposes.

About the Zoological Lighting Institute

Light is important for living things. Unfortunately, what light is, and how it is important to life, are not easy subjects to tackle. Despite the difficulty, these subjects are becoming more and more important as our communities across the world spread and grow. Modifications to the natural 'luminous' environment, in the form of light pollution and architectural materials such as glass (among others), pose a serious threat to wildlife and, by extension, human health, safety, and welfare. Life depends on biodiversity, biodiversity upon habitat diversity and habitat diversity, upon the diversity of the 'luminous' environment. The Zoological Lighting Institute describes the diversity of luminous environment as 'PhotoDiversity™', something necessary to address in the interest of our communities.

Furthermore, we value the value of formal institutions of managed animal care, such as aquariums and zoos. Light and lighting in this context is equally important to consider, as natural lighting conditions are very specific to the habitats wildlife evolved within. Data driven research is necessary to understand the relationships of light to life, and to host ex situ animals in a healthy state capable of exhibiting as full of a range of natural behaviors as possible.

Due to the inevitable differences between in situ luminous conditions, The Zoological Lighting Institute describes practices based upon photobiology research as 'luminous enrichment', in accord with standard and well accepted definitions.


James Karl Fischer

Executive Director

Hazel Sangalang

ZLI Global Program Director

Kei Isshiki

ZLI Program Director

Tesia Lin

Intern - 'Light, Environment and Cultures'

Erica Jacobs

Program Coordinator

Board Members

Linda Henry

Martin Stevens

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Dan Nilsson

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Sonke Johnsen

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Teal Kiwana

Nobuaki Ochi

Ben Potter

Marc Branham

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Ken Yeang

Jeff Lamie

Brett Seymoure

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