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ZLI Campaigns

The Zoological Lighting Institute hosts a number of advocacy campaigns. Individuals and organizations may also support a specific Campaign of The Zoological Lighting Institute™, tailoring the opportunity to your interest in bird-life, fashion, the sciences or pet health, exotic animal management and human health.

By becoming a campaign benefactor, your organization will be promoted regularly as such across our Linked-in, Twitter, Facebook™ and CSR Networks. Plans for this period include product development, and the licensing of our Campaign Logos, offered as part of the initial donation. Specific benefits include initial credit in campaign films, full page advertising in all publications and full access to related events and screenings, for all employees and accompanying family members of the organization. Additionally, related scholarships, grants and a post-doctorates will be named in honor of CAMPAIGN Benefactors.

Campaign Benefactor Opportunities are available at $1,000,000 US.

About Save a Billion Birds!™

We believe that research is necessary to advance challenges for wildlife conservation and animal welfare alike. Every year, over a billion birds are killed by flying into windows in the US alone, and proportionally as many around the world. Such deaths are not only cruel and environmentally devastating, but preventable. The Zoological Lighting Institute™ operates the Save a Billion Birds!™ Fund to stop the carnage through education, advocacy and research.

Money donated to Save a Billion Birds!™ supports The Zoological Lighting Institute™ in providing programming, scholarships, grants and post-doctorates dedicated to ending bird collisions with windows once and for all. Save a Billion Birds!™ is a grassroots effort to celebrate and protect these vital and beautiful creatures.

Whether you are a twitcher or simply concerned about the environments that depend on birds, please support our efforts and become a protector yourself! Stay tuned for our latest activities, so that they can become a part of your life!

Visit the Save a Billion Birds!™ Facebook Page

save a billion birds

About The Healthy Glow Fund™

The Healthy Glow Fund™ supports photo-biology research in zoos and aquariums, and advances the luminous health of animal and human communities.

The Healthy Glow Fund™ encourages creative, holistic projects demonstrating the links between rich and sensitive luminous environments to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of all animal life. With your support, it will continue to support research across all animal classes and a wide swath of biomes, to enhance understanding of the best lighting practices.

The Healthy Glow Fund™ provides a forum for lighting and managed care discussion and research. Whether you are an keeper, researcher or simply concerned about the luminous environments that impact animal health, please support our efforts and become a leader! Stay tuned for our latest activities, so that they can become a part of your life!

healthy glow fund

About Lights Out in Fashion™

Artificial lighting is a challenging subject, more dependent upon how we live at night and upon our nocturnal creations than any particular lighting technology. Learning to live well is the province of fashion design, whether this informs environmental design and architecture, the culinary arts, product or clothing design.

Lights Out in Fashion™ promotes Lights Out programming internationally, as well as more permanent efforts to bring back naturally-lit and wildlife sensitive nocturnal environments. Lights Out in Fashion™ encourages exploratory creativity to do so, to create awareness within artistic communities and the general public whlle affecting real change.

Our goal is to bring the best products to market. Look good while promoting animal welfare and nocturnal habitat conservation! Stay tuned for our latest activities, so that they can become a part of your life!

lights out in fashion

About The Wild Planetarium Project™

In addition to being wonderful tools to describe the universe beyon planet earth, planetariums are an under-exploited resource necessary in the struggle to support ecosystems and the animals within them (including people!).

All habitat is half nocturnal, dependent on starlight as much as sunlight. Degradation of the luminous environment has serious consequences for animal life. Cycles of night and day are vital to personal and environmental health for all species, regardless of when they wake and move about. The Zoological Lighting Institute is dedicated to raising awareness of the immediacy and importance of something seemingly so far away as the stars above. Our concern, my friends, is starlight, as the subtle illumination of the stars is dissappearing as fast as the night sky itself.

Aquariums and zoos are vital animal welfare and wildlife conservation institutions. We are a proud Conservation Partner of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. These facilities are used to presenting people with animals and places they normally cannot visit. As the night is increasingly falling into this category, The Zoological Lighting Institute focuses its efforts to the provision of planetaria in order to create audiences that care about the night.

Aurora Polaris strives to create programming and resources for aquariums and zoos, so that they can in turn do what they do best; aid in conservation initiatives in an entertaining and light-hearted fashion. Stay tuned here for our activities, and join us so that these can be your activities too!

wild planetarium project

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