Institutional Memberships

Connect with a network of like-minded advocates interested in wildlife and lighting issues. Become an institutional ZLI member!

Annual Sponsorship: $1000

This level identifies a sponsor as being part of our valuable mission to support photo-biology and photo-ecology research for wildlife conservation and animal care.


Annual Membership: $5000

This level of support qualifies an institution to become an integral part of our network, complete with verbal consultations, marketing benefits and access to ZLI Programming.


Annual Certification: $15,000

This level of support entails a greater commitment along with greater benefits. Certified members enjoy regular lighting monitoring of their projects along with data coordination. Typically sustained as the commissioning phase of a completed design project, an Annual Member may certify as many projects as appropriate within their facilities. This level may also include the establishment of bird-glass collision monitoring to engage public audiences.


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