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News, Articles, and Publications

News, Articles, and Publications

James Fischer and Avalon Owens at the IDA General Meeting

Oct. 10, 2017
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ZAA (Zoological Association of America) Fall 2017 Journal

Fall 2017 | Improve Welfare by "Sciencing" the Light of Your Facility by James Karl Fischer, PhD, Executive Director, The Zoological Lighting Institute
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Appearance on Science Friday

September 15, 2017 | Shedding Light On The New Zealand Glow Worm. Additional Footage / Thanks to the film Brilliant Darkness presented by the Zoological Lighting Institute, James Karl Fischer and Emily Driscoll
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Screening and lecture at Itozu no Zoo in Kochi in Japan

September 17, 2017
Itozu no Zoo Website (Japanese)

ZLI Presentation at Toyo University for International Dark Sky

September 9th, 2017
Dark Sky (Japanese)

Parental Exposure to Dim Light at Night Prior to Mating Alters Offspring Adaptive Immunity

February 28, 2017 | Exposure to dim light at night (dLAN) disrupts natural light/dark cycles and impairs endogenous circadian rhythms necessary to maintain optimal biological function, including the endocrine and immune systems. We have previously demonstrated that white dLAN compromises innate and cell mediated immune responses in adult Siberian hamsters (Phodopus sungorus).
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Stakeholder-specific arguments for the development of bird-friendly cities

January 2, 2017 | Abstract: ...this paper presents stakeholder-specific statements for bird conservation in city environments. Based upon the current urban bird literature we focus upon habitat fragmentation, limited habitat availability, lack of the native vegetation and vegetation structure as the most important challenges facing bird conservation in cities.
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Beastly Japan Investor Cover Letter

Decemeber 19, 2016 | At the Zoological Lighting Institute, these are our core beliefs. Our mission is to support scientific research for wildlife conservation and improvements in animal care with respect of lighting. We are ready to break new ground by working with communities all around the world. We pursue this by involving communities through education and conservation projects.
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PhotoDiversity Films: Beastly Japan Treatment

December 19, 2016 | A film to explore relationships of light, culture and wildlife.
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'Blue Light' From New LEDs Making Life Harder For Nocturnal Animals

October 27, 2016 | As cities look to cut their energy costs they're increasingly turning to the use of LED bulbs for street lights, despite increased concern that the 'blue light' some LEDs omit can be bad for your sleep, lead to decreased visibility on roads and increase obesity.
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Report of the Council on Science and Public Health

September 2016 | As humans represent one animal among many, and as the diversity of animals is necessary for all, we are thankful that the AMA has championed good science for health of all!
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The Zoological Lighting Institute™ Booth at the Association of Zoos and Aquarium (AZA) Conference!

September 2016
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ZLI Model Lighting Ordinance

September 2016 | Wildlife Sensitive Lighting Zoning Requirements: No person, firm or corporation, or their respective agents, servants or employees, shall install, repair, alter, replace, re-locate, operate or maintain any permanent outdoor light fixture, lamp or other artificial means of radiating light ("exterior lighting") on public or private property which is not in compliance with the following requirements.
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ZLI Biodiversity Development Guidelines for New Jersey

September 2016 | Biodiversity and the wildlife it shows, help to make New Jersey great. New Jersey plays host to its own local species as well as countless migrants that improve communities from South America to Canada. It matters a great deal to the world how we effect wildlife here, as it would be impossible for humans to exist without the benefits that our wildlife provides.
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ZLI Response to Department of Agriculture

September 3, 2016 | We are very pleased that the USDA is taking an interest in light as an important variable in the welfare of animals in managed care. As The Zoological Lighting Institute maintains a charitable mission to support scientific research in photobiology and photo-ecology for animal welfare and wildlife conservation, we believe the topic to be of utmost importance.
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Eco Effects of High-CCT LED Lighting Outdoors: Building a Case

March 22, 2016 | In 2014, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) amended its Seal of Approval Program to accept only luminaires in 3000K and below. The lighting community seeks to understand this pushback against efficacious, scotopically rich outdoor lighting.
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Bright White Street Lights Giving Bugs the Blues

December 17, 2015 | New York City is currently replacing its 250,000 sodium-vapor streetlights with energy-saving LEDs as part of an effort to reduce carbon emissions started by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The new lights will save an estimated $14 million annually on energy and maintenance costs once they are fully installed in 2017.
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Glass buildings kill birds - architects must act!

December 1, 2013 | Horrified at the giga-scale death of birds caused by collisions with trendy expanses of plate glass in modern buildings, James Fischer calls on architects to bring an end to the needless slaughter - and "save a billion birds"!
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