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PhotoDiversity™ Centers

PhotoDiversity™ Centers will offer educational and getaway facilities to learn, discuss and explore the ecological relationships of light through S.T.E.A.M. Education, as these impact community health, safety and welfare.

About the PhotoDiversity™ Centers

Located strategically to promote understanding of how natural and artificial light relate to wildlife and ecosystems, PhotoDiversity Centers™ will gently present materials from The Zoological Lighting Institute as it hosts corporate retreats, scientific meetings, private outings and educational classes for all ages.

PhotoDiversity Centers™ will play host to an international audience as well as local residents, as a way to support local economies and drive global change. Our focus is upon animal welfare and wildlife conservation through scientific research support, and we seek to improve the care of animals in managed contexts as well as to reduce the ecological impact of artificial lighting conditions.

Support for this Capital Campaign will enable The Zoological Lighting Institute to purchase and develop its first property in northern New Jersey, serving as a seat for a new 'Nocturnal Sanctuary' and 'Dark-sky Place' in the state. It will improve education by allowing the nonprofit to host educational and advocacy programming, in an incredibly beautiful natural setting close to New York City (less than an hour drive on some days).

PhotoDiversity Center™ Capital Campaign

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