PhotoDiversity™ Certification

ZLI Wildlife Sensitive Lighting Certification develops research-based practices to advance animal welfare and wildlife conservation. This certification publicizes the importance of light and light cycles in the managed care of animals, as well as to animals living in the wider environment.

Certification Steps

ZLI Wildlife Certification entails Registration, Assessment, Commissioning and Advocacy. Each phase advances mission directly, and can be tailored to a specific project, exhibit or development. Our certification is a process designed to enhance knowledge.


In practice, registration begins the process of data collection and coordination for the animal and/or environment/habitat in question. Registered facilities are invited to share their registration publicly, to build support for their projects. Both are important to the effectiveness and success of the Certification Process. Registrants immediately become renewable members of The Zoological Lighting Institute. Luminous Enrichment Certification Applicants receive a spectro-radiometer and guidance on proper use.


An overall strategy is created for an exhibit, project or property in question during the assessment phase. Specific guidelines emerge based in the photobiology and photo-ecology of the animal, species or environment in question. Design strategies created in partnership with the applicant, architect, ecologists and animal care specialists will be 'assessed' according to research during this phase, stressing the optical properties of existing or proposed materials, natural and ambient lighting conditions and finally the role of artificial lighting supplementation to enhance the ecological viability of a registered project.


During this phase, intent is matched to the constructed project, and final adjustments are made to achieve the issuance of certification. Commissioning also entails the initiation of on-going data collection to be marketed during the advocacy phase.


Certified projects will be promoted across the ZLI network, and will become an important resource for our charitable research scholarship and grant activities. ZLI Certified Projects will be associated with a grant, scholarship or post doctorate distribution, with naming rights available. Advocacy also includes perpetual membership in ZLI, renewable on a bi-annual basis, and has as its goal the maintenance of the wildlife sensitive lighting achieved in the initial certification, and upon its improvement as understanding and research grow.

Certification Types

  • Luminous Enrichment Certification
    for animals in managed care
  • Luminous Environment Certification
    for environmental development
  • Save a Billion Birds!™ Certification
    for bird-friendly architecture

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