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The Zoological Lighting Institute™ in partnership with AAZK, the (American Association of Zoo Keepers) is conducting a 'CALL FOR PAPERS' to provide knowledge and case studies to the aquarium and zoo community, regarding the role of light and lighting in managed care.

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Papers submitted and accepted by November 1, 2016 will be featured in a special dedicated edition of AAZK;s Animal Keeper Forum. After this date, approved work will be featured in the ZLI Newsletter: Luminous Environments. Potential topics are listed on the accompanying poster, but may also include the following. Subjects may include lighting research and case studies related to the physiology, sensory ecology and activity partitioning of animals in managed care. Lighting related to all classes of animals, vertebrate or invertebrate, are welcome. Lighting measurement it also a welcome topic, as are narratives related to the curtailment of light pollution and public education programs within exhibits. Please use the form provided to get in contact with ZLI.

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