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Sky Quality Meter

Animal care depends on good science, and good science is produced by data driven by proper measurements. Light quality needs to be measured to ensure proper animal care, just like other environmental factors such as water quality and airflow.

Light Measurement Kits

ZLI is an official reseller of scientific instruments which are necessary to measure light quality adequately. StellarNet Spectrometers, Solar PathFinders and Sky Quality Meters can help you build a data set for the future, to aid you in perpetual husbandry improvements. As a Nonprofit Reseller, a portion of every purchase goes directly to research scholarships designed to improve wildlife conservation and animal welfare initiatives.

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ZLI TS (Terrestrial Spectrometer) Kit

Available to Donors for $5000 or greater
The ZLI Terrestrial Spectrometer Kit, enables the measurement of light quality and quantity in an animal exhibit and holding area. It also enables analysis of animal coloration, an important indicator of health and well-being.

We use StellaNet UV-VIS Spectrometers capable of recording light wavelengths from 190-850nm. This enables animal keepers and researchers to measure the light animals are sensitive too, and to move beyond guess-work in animal care to a solid scientific foundation for more sensitive animal welfare decisions. The included Spectro-Wiz software is easy to use and flexible for a variety luminous habitat assessments, including critical assessments of light quality and intensity over the course of time (day and seasonal variations).

ZLI QQS (Quality, Quantity, Structure) Kit

Available to Donors for $6000 or greater
The ZLI QQS Kit, enables the measurement of light quality, quantity and structure in an animal exhibit and holding area. In addition to quality and quantity, it enables analysis of the structure of radiance impacting an animal's space.

The ZLI QQS Kit includes the terrestrial spectrometer kit, a solar pathfinder and associated software, as well as an SQM meter to determine the qualities of natural light in the exhibit area. These devices are eminently portable, allowing for comparison between the qualities of an animal's indigenous habitat along with those of the managed care space.

ZLI QQS+HA (Health Assessment) Kit

Available to Donors for $10000 or greater
The ZLI QQS with Health Assessment, adds the ability to measure animal coloration along with the many uses the ZLI TS Kit can be put to. This is important to sensory ecology concerns, as well as to the ways in which groups of animals function together and within their environment.

The ZLI TS+HA Kit adds the ability to measure material reflectance to the ZLI QQS Kit, by adding a tungsten Halogen light source and appropriate reflectance and probe accessories. An indispensable tool to measure vital color changes to feathers, skin, exhibit surfaces and the like.

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