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One of our goals here at the Zoological Lighting Institute is to show you the best tools and technology available to aid your work in preserving natural lighting.

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Whether your operation is a zoo or aquarium seeking to create the most natural environment for the animals in your care, or you are a school teacher teaching your students about how to measure the quality of light in your neighborhood, there are various brands and models for you to choose from. If you are in need of a custom solution, we offer a project-based consultation service to all ZLI members.

Scientific Instruments & Swag (PDF)


SQM-L $134.99 + Shipping Charges from Canada
$40.00 of this purchase directly supports ZLI Nocturnal Habitat Conservation Initiatives

SQM $119.99

SQM-LE $249.99

SQM-LU $189.99

SQM-LU-DL $249.9

SQM-LU-DL-V $299.99

SQM-LR $189.99

Tripod Adaptor $15.00

Filter adaptor $20.00 (SQM-L) (SQM-LU-DL)

EMR-poster $12.00

Housing $39.99

Housing with PoE 7 $99.95

Nu-B-IR/C $59.95

Capselector $24.95

Diffraction grating $4.95


Models and prices coming soon.

Solar PathFinder

Models and prices coming soon.

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