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Best Practices in Lighting: Presented by the American Association of Zoo Keepers and The Zoological Lighting Institute. This new Journal features case studies to improve animal care and better lighting practices for wildlife conservation.

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Discounted for American Association of Zoo Keepers or Zoological Lighting Institute member.

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zli brilliant darkness

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Includes 'Light of the Genji' and '20 Minutes of Fireflies and Ambient Forest Sounds'

Brilliant Darkness: Hotaru in the Night explores the importance of darkness, and erosion of it, through the study and preservation of firefly habitats in Japan and the United States. Fireflies disappear as artificial night lights disrupt their 'languages of light'. Brilliant Darkness: Hotaru in the Night features artists and scientists on different continents working to understand firefly flash patterns and how to live among wildlife in urban settings.

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zli very lonely firefly

The Very Lonely Firefly

This ZLI special edition of Eric Carle's book is a classic and heartwarming story. It tells of a very lonely firefly who finally finds the friends he is seeking at the end of a tireless search for belonging. This book is available to members and during special educational events. Limited quantities available. Become a member today.

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